WELCOME Narco Group

"Narco" Agricultural Products and Trade, Ltd. was established in 2010 by joint capital investment of both Turkish and Russian sides.
Our mission is to provide the mass export of fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetable industry products grown in Turkey to the foreign market. Our company is located in Finike , Antalya. We supply goods from all areas of Turkey; thus the great importance is shown to the quality and product delivery control. The products of our company comply with the international quality standards confirmed by the GlobalGAP certificate, which is recognized worldwide.

Our company exports products to Sweden, Germany and Norway.  At the same time we supply our partners, the leading Turkish company in the agricultural industry "Akash" Agricultural Products, JSC with high-quality pomegranate and cherries for delivery to Russia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Dubai.
Our main aim is, by mutual work with our employees, manufacturers and partners, in the shortest terms possible to expand the range of products supplied and to increase the number of target markets; as well as to provide the delivery of our products to European countries, while maintaining excellent quality of the fresh fruit and vegetables of Turkey. Therefore, mutual respect and cooperation at the highest level is extremely important to us.